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“Colonel McSally delivered again!”

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Cleared for Takeoff! How to overcome fear, build exceptional teams, and be agile and resilient in a turbulent world.

"Martha crushed her keynote speech to our first national gathering of over 1000 people since COVID. Our themes were courage and mental agility, and we were honored to have a pioneering combat hero like Martha deliver a powerful message that profoundly impacted so many. She naturally connects with people of all ages with relevant, compelling lessons for our business and lives."
Meghan, Chief of Staff to Founder/CEO of a large Professional Services Company

COVID-19, cyber-attacks, disasters, what’s next? With so much uncertainty in the world, it has been a challenging few years to say the least. Colonel McSally is no stranger to challenges and is deeply impacting audiences through masterful storytelling and actionable takeaways to help your team thrive and succeed.

As the first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and command a fighter squadron in combat, Colonel (ret) McSally has proven she has the right stuff to survive and excel in high-pressure, high-risk, dynamic environments. This pioneering A-10 pilot is also an endurance athlete, mountain climber, and sexual assault survivor who tragically lost her father at 12. In her extraordinary life filled with triumphs, tragedies, successes and setbacks, McSally authentically inspires and more importantly shows us how to be vulnerable, persevere, overcome fear, be resilient, and soar to our full potential.

McSally has the uncanny ability to emotionally connect with any audience. Through humor, transparency, and edge of your seat storytelling, she brings you into the A-10 cockpit for her most complex and dangerous mission and through her devastating traumas that are all too common. McSally’s raw approach connects people with their own fears and trials and provides a realistic and optimistic flight plan to build courage, trusted teams, and a resilient mindset.

In this awe-inspiring program, Colonel McSally equips your team with step-by-step guidance to choose courage, create a “wingman” mentality, and have a mindset of agility to overcome adversities and succeed in an uncertain world.

"By the time we finished Martha's presentation, it was evident what type of skills and psychology are needed to succeed. Martha was able to demonstrate how to succeed despite any circumstances or what life might throw at you. She painted a picture of what success looks like and how all of us can continue building character to get there. This wasn't just a presentation but who she is."
Alex Yastrebenetsky, CEO/Co-Founder InfoTrust (Fortune Magazine Best Place to Work, 8 times Inc 5000 fast-growing company, 3 times #1 Best Place to Work in Ohio)
"Colonel McSally delivered again! She is a national pioneer and combat-proven leader who shares so many actionable nuggets of wisdom in her presentations. Martha is a passionate, brilliant communicator who helped develop the next generation of leaders in this large county Sheriff’s office over the last decade. Her impact has been powerful."
David, Leadership Academy for a major metropolitan public safety organization
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