Top-Gun Courage Flight School

1-Week Flight Plan To A Brave New You 

Join Us For This Exclusive Opportunity for Women Who Are Ready To Disarm Their Biggest Fear with America’s 1st Female Combat Fighter Pilot, Colonel Martha McSally

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Top-Gun Courage Flight School

1-week Flight Plan to a Brave New You 

Exclusive for Women–Disarm Your Biggest Fear with America’s 1st female combat fighter pilot Colonel Martha McSally

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LIVE | October 9, 10, 11, and 16


October 9, 10, 11, and 16

11 am PT (2 pm ET)



If you had to look back on your life to explain why you didn’t go for your dream, take a risk, or speak up for yourself….


I was afraid 

Be your answer? 

From ending a hard relationship, to gaining recognition at work, to trying out a dance class… a lack of confidence can stifle you at every turn, making life miserable and unfulfilling.

I don’t want you to spend another night unable to sleep, feeling regretful, like you’re not meeting your potential…

Wondering why you can’t be one of those women who never seems to care what others think.

Who isn’t afraid of messing up.

Who says what she needs to say and stands up for herself.

The woman who commands respect and feels energized by her life.

I want you to be that woman.

Fear comes from dark, painful places. And I want to show you how to release the grip fear has on you.

Craving to experience this? Then it’s no accident you’re here….

Your journey to authentic, effortless confidence begins now.



From surviving profound personal trauma to scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro; from navigating combat zones to racing in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, I’ve battled and soared through life’s fiercest turbulences. My mission? Equip you with a battle-tested flight plan to overcome fear and manifest boundless confidence in every sphere of your life.





Martha’s extensive expertise and transformative insights have clients paying her tens of thousands of dollars for 1 keynote speech.

Women also pay anywhere from $3-6,000 or more to attend masterminds with Martha where they get just a fraction of the intimate time you’ll get with her in Top-Gun Courage Flight School.

The actionable courage secrets from this Top-Gun pilot are truly priceless.

But because Martha wants to help as many women as possible disarm your #1 fear and finally flow toward the thing you want most in life right now…

We’re offering exclusive discount rates for this inaugural course that may never be offered again:


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All Flight School Live Sessions, Recordings & Highlights – PLUS:


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“There is no woman other than Martha who I feel I can look up to and aspire to be like. Martha’s wisdom was the anchor I needed during a difficult transition in my life. Her mix of big picture insights, practical techniques, and transformative daily routines guided me through overcoming my fears, breaking free from past trauma, and making empowering choices in every aspect of life. Martha’s passion to help others with authenticity radiates. She is one special human. Do not miss this masterclass!”

Laura Jean

“Throughout some of the toughest times in my life – from navigating a difficult divorce to overcoming personal challenges – Martha’s unwavering support and expert guidance were invaluable. She pushed me beyond my limits, even training me to hike the Grand Canyon. Her wisdom has been a guiding force, transforming the way I approach adversity and fear. Attending this masterclass is a chance to be empowered by someone who truly understands life battles. Martha has a proven record of overcoming fear and adversity herself, and empowering those she coaches.




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Unmissable Value

Imagine me as your co-pilot in a one-hour session worth tens of thousands! Now, access the cockpit of transformation in this Top-Gun Flight School without even buying a ticket. The real value isn’t just in dollars—it’s in the altitude you’ll gain.

Your Time to Soar Is Now!

You’re feeling the pull. You imagine a more confident, empowered life for yourself. And the first step to getting that is so easy. It starts with entering your email below.

Saying “no” to this opportunity most likely means nothing changes, and you remain unsatisfied. Why would you risk that when this is completely free for you to see for yourself?   

If you’ve been craving to feel true, authentic, unshakable confidence, the only thing that makes sense is to sign up right now.

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